Opening Ceremony – Hamburg

Opening Ceremony – Hamburg. Germany

Even though it lies close to our roots, an model Airbus is not something we construct every day. Unlike its larger peers, our Airbus was able to fly slowly and silently  through the newly opened Terminal 1 at Hamburg Airport. Since then, we have partnered with many airlines for similar promotion activities at airport terminals worldwide.


  • Show date: Mai 2005
  • Location: Terminal 1, Hamburg Germany
  • Summary of work: construction, branding and on-site flying of a radio controlled Airbus A320 slow flying model with a 5 meter (16 ft) wingspan.
  • Client: HLX Touristik GmbH, Baden Baden, Germany

Flying Airliner Show


You´re looking for an eyecatcher for your event? Our Airliner with individual branding gets the attention for your company or branding.

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