Expo 2017

The opening ceremony of the world exhibition in Astana, Kasachstan took place on 9 June 2017. Airstage was with a total of 18 autonomously flying AirOrbs one of the main parts in the show. Under the motto „Future Energy” the emergence of the solar system was staged. 10 flying planets are following their pre-programmed choreography in front of the 30-meter-wide LED-Screen with centimeter-precision of their trajectory.

In the further course of the Opening Ceremony, 10 autonomous AirOrbs with the diameter of 1 meter and LED interior lighting in interaction with the content of the LED screen. The show was synchronized to the show using timecode.

With 18 highspeed tracking cameras installed on the rig and marker-LEDs on the spheres, the objects can be localized millimeter accuracy.



  • Show: Opening Ceremony Expo 2017
  • Production: April – Juni 2017
  • Location: Expo Astana
  • Duration: 3 Wochen Setup, Probe, Show
  • Flying Objects: AirOrbs
  • Quantity: 18 Objects
  • Client: Star Project LLC