DMX 512

wireless lighting


For the interior and effect lighting of our flying objects we use a 2.4GHz wireless connection. With a wireless range of over 70 meters, the technology is dimensioned for almost all applications. A DMX 512 universe is transmitted and allows the simultaneous control of numerous flying objects. By using individual transmitters and receiver IDs, the system is completely reliable and trouble – free.


Lighting effects in the flying objects can be preprogrammed and 3D-visualized for coordination in the show production. By using the Airstage Lighting software developed in-house, a frame-accurate light choreography is possible and can be combined with special effects, such as clock-controlled to music.


The Airstage wireless system is 100% compatible with lighting consoles through the use of the DMX standard. The flying objects can thus also be specially programmed via the lighting designer and integrated like a gearwheel in the show lighting. The Wireless-DMX system is simply plug & play connected.