9 - Rainer Mugrauer

Rainer Mugrauer


The qualified aircraft manufacturer and enthusiastic hobby pilot is the creative core of Airstage. Every individual flying object is designed, developed and constructed by him personally along with his handpicked team of specialists. His natural ingenuity for devising unique and practical solutions for even the most complex of aerial show concepts is almost legendary.

Creative Head

In 1994 he invented the first remote controlled model aircraft that could be safely flown in an indoor situation, thus establishing a new concept and sport art – Slow Flying. Since then, with his continued fascination for flying, levitation and aerodynamics, he has expanded and developed a combination of “slow flying + entertainment” into the unique aerial show effect that is now internationally known as “Air Entertainment”. With an unwavering passion for making the impossible possible, the magician of the skies never ceases to raise the bar by transforming objects and shapes into remote controlled ultra light flying models that seemingly defy gravity and mesmerise audiences  worldwide.

Alongside his leading creative role at Airstage, Rainer Mugrauer still finds time to speak regularly at science and aeronautical institutes, inspiring the next generation of designers. He is also in demand as a consultant for R&D projects worldwide, where his insight and understanding of “all things flying” is highly valued.


1 - Günther Mugrauer

Günther Mugrauer


Sharing the same passion for aerodynamics as his creative brother, the co-founder and CEO has been responsible for the business side of the company from the very beginning. The brothers supplement each other perfectly and together have built a successful enterprise. Guenther Mugrauer is also a qualified instructor for apprentices in Germany.

John R. Barker

Chief Sales Officer

The London born entertainment industry veteran is a highly regarded consultant with an extensive record of brokering celebrity performers and high end show programs for buyers in a wide range of global markets. After regularly contracting Airstage to create unique flying spectacles for his own clients’ events, he recognised the enormous untapped market potential and joined the company as head of sales and key account manager for international clients.

8 - John R. Barker
2 - Clemens Gebert

Clemens Gebert

Chief Technical Officer

Responsible for development and construction, Clemens Gebert studied precision engineering with REFA methodology (a highly regarded German standard for the exact measuring, monitoring and evaluation in industrial engineering workplaces) and is a specialist for CAD design. As a long standing employee, the experience and knowledge he has gathered as Rainer Mugrauer’s right-hand man makes him invaluable both in the workshop and on location.

Denis Mugrauer

Project Manager and Visualisation Designer 

The qualified event manager is responsible for the day to day business such as quotations, concept development, project planning as well as on-site project management. As a member of the Mugrauer family he shares the same passion for aerodynamics which is reflected in his ability to create extremely realistic 3D visualisations of the planned aerial shows – an invaluable tool for client presentations.

3 - Denis Mugrauer
4 - Frieder Ruhstorfer

Frieder Ruhstorfer

Project Manager

As an experienced project manager and skilled communicator, he is involved in every phase of a project from the initial planning through to the construction stage and finally to the onsite installation, local crew training and after sales support. Constantly travelling worldwide, he is our on site representative and ensures the smooth installation and running of the show.  

Markus Schäffer

Chief Pilot & Constructor

Our pilots are some of the best radio control operators around but the huge responsibility for flying our objects at major live events such as Olympic Opening Ceremonies – where there is one chance only to “get it right” in front of millions of viewers – rests with our chief pilot who luckily is blessed with a natural resistance to stress and nerves of steel. As an accomplished model aircraft builder, he is also deeply immersed in the construction process of every flying model.

5 - Markus Schäffer
6 - Steffen Henne

Steffen Henne

Aircraft Engineer

The qualified aircraft mechanic learnt his trade in the military working on jet fighters. With his understanding of aerodynamic principles and excellent technical skills to match, he supports the entire team with his profound knowledge of aviation technology.  

Yvonne Mugrauer

Personell Accounting

The qualified event manager completed her training in the company and is responsible for all employee salaries and expenses.

7 - Yvonne Mugrauer
Hanna Schur

Hanna Schur

Financial Accounting

Having a strong commercial basis upon which the many creative, technical and strategic ideas are developed is essential. A meticulous accounting and reporting ensures that the company remains on a solid financial footing at all times.