We make it fly!



The dream of flying… watching an object float slowly and silently through the air as if by magic fascinates audiences worldwide. 

Airstage create such magical moments by developing unique aerial show performances that transform concepts or products into amazing objects that seemingly defy gravity to fly freely in enclosed spaces. 

Our remote controlled dirigibles are lighter-than-air models that navigate through the air under their own power.

They can be constructed either in non-rigid, rigid or hybrid forms and gain their lift from a built-in gas sleeve filled with helium. 


Challenge us with your ideas and concepts – we’ll make them fly!



The success of Airstage lies in the hands of an extraordinary creative mind and the internationally acclaimed “Godfather of Indoor Flying” – Rainer Mugrauer.

As a passionate pilot and qualified aircraft manufacturer, his extraordinary ability to design and construct radio controlled ultra light flying models is world renown.

With an unrivalled expertise and a passion for creating aerodynamically perfect forms for aerial show performances, his eye-catching creations continually amaze audiences around the globe.