Flying hightech concrete block for art gallery Armory Show in New York City 2017

With 400 cm x 200 cm x 200 cm, the concrete block has massiv dimensions. The specialty, after filling with helium it weighs only 10 grams. Made of special lightweight foam and a tailor-made helium container, the object freely floats in space. Equipped with 24 impeller motors and 8 infrared tracking LEDs, the flying concrete block can be controlled autonomously in space according to pre-programmed choreography. The premiere was March 2017 in New York.



  • Show: 02. + 05. März 2017
  • Project Period: August 2016 – Februar 2017
  • Exhibition: Art Design – Armory Show
  • Location: Pier 92 New York
  • Client: Studio Drift