Expertise & Experience


Our expertise lies in the design of remote-controlled flying objects and their eye-catching presentation for events and show productions.

 We constantly push the boundaries in the design, construction and flying of such ultra light models.  

Our long standing experience enables us to meet even the most demanding creative aerial show concepts.

Airstage remains to date the only company in the world that can offer such unique products and services.


years experience

Our ideas and visions are boundless

Our fascination and commitment drives us 

Our potential is tremendous 

Our productions are all  “Made in Germany”

Teamwork, Planning & Support

Constantly striving to produce that magical breathtaking moment of floating emotion, we thrive on the challenge of an outstanding idea and always endeavour to to exceed expectations.

Working closely as a team with our clients is fundamental to producing these unforgettable experiences. 

To ensure the success of each project, we enter in the initial planning phase, continue the intensive dialogue with our clients through the construction stage utilising the latest in communication technology, and finally accompany each show live on site.

Realistic Animations

Our ability to turn theoretical ideas and concepts into reality is the very basis of our success.
At the start of every project we present initial sketches and very realistic 3D visualizations that allow our clients to see exactly how their particular aerial show will finally look.

Form Follows Function

3D printing

Plotting technology

CNC milling


CAD Design


The comprehensive design and planning of any flying object is the starting point for every project and also the basis for establishing an initial budget calculation.

The size of the object is determined primarily by the location and the desired production.

Then follows the calculations within the given limitations and physical boundaries of aerodynamics and buoyancy, depending on whether the object is a rigid, non-rigid or hybrid model.

The choice of a fitting radio control system or an autonomous radio control program for recurring shows also plays an important role.

Finally our crews are constantly trained in the complex technology that is incorporated into the objects.

The actual construction of the flying objects is just one of the many disciplines we utilise in our professional aerial entertainment concepts.

Floating Magic Components


Helium is 10 times lighter than air, non toxic and non-flammable. These characteristics make it the perfect choice for the required lighter-than-air gas that is a  fundamental component in all of our objects, allowing them to literally float in the air.

PP (polypropylene) & PE (polyethylene) film

These are extremely durable and highly flexible polyester films which we use in practically all our flying objects. These films posses properties that are ideal for our ultra lightweight constructions: they are extremely lightweight, no more than 27 μ thick, tear resistant and impenetrable by helium gas.

Polyurethane foam

To create the best flying model solution, semi-rigid or full-rigid bodies are often necessary. These parts are made of extremely light polyurethane foam which – thanks to its particularly fine fibre structure – can be moulded and shaped to any imaginable form. Firstly, a positive mould is milled using CAD data of the model. The foam is placed over this positive mould and created using a combination of pressure and heat. The moulded parts are then attached to a lightweight chassis that surrounds a custom made inner helium sleeve. The final result is an extremely lightweight and stable replica of the original design.

Radio Control System

To the viewer, it looks as if the floating objects are flying by themselves. However to fly the models in a four dimensional choreography requires an accomplished pilot at the controls. These radio control systems work in all conditions and send all the necessary flight commands for the propulsion units as well as receiving information about the current status of all modules. On board lighting and other special effects (both electronic and mechanical) are also controllable via the radio control system, creating a wide selection of amazing show effects.